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The pastor also reportedly advised them to not feel love for her because she had an evil spirit."He told us not to feel any love for her, because that was just the devil, that she had to be burned until only her head was left," Roberto Trujillo, the victim's cousin, told the court, according to the Telegraph.

They and other people were also forbidden from visiting her.He added that the killing was premeditated and an abuse of the trust Trujillo had placed in the convicted men.Rocha and his four followers -- his brothers Tomasa Rocha and Pedro Rocha, and Franklin Jarquin and Esneyda Orozco -- were convicted of murder in a trial that ended a week ago.Managua (AFP) - A pastor and several followers were sentenced on Tuesday to 30 years in prison for a fatal exorcism in a remote part of Nicaragua in which a woman was thrown naked onto a fire.Pastor Juan Rocha, 23, and four others received the maximum 30-year term for murdering the victim, 25-year-old mother-of-two Vilma Trujillo.

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