Hoopz dating

According to reports, the reality star was jailed for allegedly attacking a police officer outside of her Dearborn, Michigan home.

Nikki Hoopz Alexander aka Nicole Hoopz Alexander is the reality tv series actress and girlfriend of MMA fighter Ovince St. Nikki Hoopz is the winner of VH1’s t.v series Flavor of Love and I Love Money; her name ring any bells?

The company I have partnered with is based in Atlanta, Ga. It has to be mellow, strong, but taste good as well.

Hoopz: Well, very exciting probably another reality show! But it has to make sense for me, it has to be about 5-7 years planned out. Like I didn’t wake up one day and say hey, I’m going to be on reality TV, and I’m going to be famous for it. SOM: Wow, um ok SOM: So can you tell us about your upcoming directorial debut?

SOM: Did you like reality tv when first got in to it? You know, it was more of I tried it and this happen. Hoopz: Yes, years ago (laughs) I went to the film academy in Hollywood for Directing.

Favorite grappling technique is the guillotine Favorite striking technique is the high kick and superman punch Fights Out Of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Owns eight second knockout victory over UFC vet Jason Day in 2010 Holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Tennessee.

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