When to ask are we dating

While the reason you may be broaching this subject is because things are going great and you just want to be doubly sure that you’re both on the same page, equally, in listening to people’s stories, it seems that many people use broaching the subject of exclusivity or even defining the relationship talks, to clarify that they are the only person who is getting crumbs.

In my first video in absolutely ages, I explain what these discussions are really for and why it shouldn’t be about, ‘I know you’re treating me in a less than manner but I just want to confirm that it’s only me that’s getting this treatment.

A relationship is like music: it is what it is as it’s being experienced.

In the same way, a song on your i Pod isn’t the music… You feel your experience of the relationship as the music is playing. or a feeling that you weren’t enough or worthy of him…

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It's all just so easy, especially when you're desperate for a warm body come Valentine's day.By not asking him directly, you avoid the risk of rejection and might give him the courage to make it official.But not all relationships have the benefit of mutual friends.That relationship was a year long, so when he started seeing me they had only been broken up a month. But after my last experience I think it’s an important thing to know so that I don’t put myself at risk and end up the rebound girl.Once that was out in the open he started distancing himself and I eventually broke it off because I was over the inconsistency. How recent his last relationship was isn’t a problem in and of itself. your relationship isn’t a thing (like a stone or purse or car).

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